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Gearvest offers a high level of community-driven development and feels very strong that education is one of the key factors to build our communities.

As the global drive towards localisasion increasingly comes onto the foreground, Gearvest’s prime focus is on the empowerment of stakeholders in the business-workers, suppliers, and eventually the broader community of Mapela to make an impact in industrial development. In this regard, associated companies, like Leyton Developments (Pty) Ltd and Harvest Floor NPC, will increasingly play a key role.

In line with the Mining Charter, Leyton Developments (Pty) Ltd focus on the industrial development of localised business in communities where infrastructural development is lagging. The aim is to develop localised business opportunities by making facilities available, often on incubation level, developing and growing from there, creating job opportunities in the process, and contributing to economic advancement in most instances where the mining sector provides the market pull.

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