30 May 2021

Mamagola water launch

Mamagola Primary School is a small rural school in the Magope village, close to the Mogalakwena mining area. This small school with a total of 94 learners and 4 educators had to travel long distances to get clean, drinkable water for everyday use.

On the 30th of March 2021 Harvest Floor was able to share a remarkable day with these special people, celebrating the First Water drink out of taps from their very own water tanks! Harvest Floor, a NPC committed to benefit the local people of the Mapela community, reached out and made it possible for this school to receive their own water tank with clean potable water and installing taps. With the help of Harvest Floor they were able to put a vegetable garden, watering it daily, which also provide for everyday meals and enough to sell to people in the community. They even got their very own soccer and netball field to empowering them to practice and become the next generation’s super stars. What makes this even more special is the Kgoshi Hans Masebe Langa II (traditional leader of Mapela) himself went to this small school. He was able to honor this memorable day with us!

Harvest Floor became a friend and regular visitor and in weeks and months to come was able to assist in erecting jungle gyms, swings and some educational material to the teachers and learners.

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